important update for the 1997 edition (blue cover): Lord’s Rake

During the winter of 2001/02, a large chunk of the pinnacle at the top of the Lord’s Rake gully came away. Since then it has been threatening to collapse down the gully, and since summer 2002 the National Trust has posted notices advising walkers to keep off the route. It was hoped that the loose boulder would dislodge itself and collapse down to Hollow Stones. However, the situation now appears more serious. Further rockfalls are taking place from the mountain face above the top of the gully. Erosion from walkers may have excavated the gully to the point where this bad rock has been exposed: the problem may be permanent.

    The NT does not have either the right or the desire to ‘close’ the route: this is a matter for individual hillgoers’ judgement.

Further update 1 August 2012

Given that the boulder has stayed in place for 10 years, it may be assumed at least moderately stable. Howeve the slope above it onto the West Wall Traverse, is still very nasty  loose rubble.

Alternative Route from Hollow Stones

From Hollow Stones there is a way up between Black Crag and the Shamrock, arriving on the south ridge at GR NY 202069. It is steep and stony but has a small sheep path and no scrambling. Slant up to the right, keeping to the left of the main scree slope. This only adds about 5 or 10 minutes to the Lord’s Rake route.

The Ramblers’ Association’s Lakeland 3000s Challenge has now been abandoned

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